Monday, June 4, 2012

Asian-y Asians

This past weekend, while catching up on online submissions, I came across a breakdown seeking an Asian female actress with this requirement - "Must be very Asian looking."

My instinct was to laugh - what the hell does that mean? Can you be an Asian female who's not that Asian looking? Like a light-skinned black woman? I'm pretty sure all Asian people look Asian!

It also made me think of a Louis CK comedy bit where he laughed at a friend who commented some guy was "really gay." As if there were people who were only kind of gay - like weekend gays. Ridiculous.

My Facebook friends' responses to the question "What the hell does that mean?" were equally amusing --
"Your torso must be a gong." - M

"Means nudity and simulated sex with very very very pale white man." - K

"They're looking for Mickey Rooney." - B
The ironic thing is if I remember correctly, the breakdown was written by a Chinese director. Leave it to an actual Asian to inadvertently insult Asian-Americans. He probably wanted to make sure his actress actually looked traditionally Asian instead of how women in Asia look now - like white women.

Hope he finds someone!

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