Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fearless Carrie Ann

I knew the name Carrie Ann Inaba way before Dancing with the Stars. As an aspiring dancer, I watched In Living Color every week just to see The Fly Girls. I would video tape their routines and learn the steps. (That’s what you have to do when there’s no dance school in your hometown.)

Obviously, Carrie Ann was my favorite Fly Girl. She was the best dancer and had the best hair. I was sure that someday I would audition for the Fly Girls and become her best friend. Yeah, that never happened.

At last night’s intimate Evening with Carrie Ann Inaba, sponsored by CAPE and Verizon, I learned that even though I never did become a Fly Girl or Carrie Ann’s best friend, we actually have a lot in common.

First and foremost, we both got into MIT! I enrolled and drank water from a firehose for four years. She went to Japan and became a pop star. Probably more fun than my 5.60 problem sets.

We’re also pursuing many goals at the same time. I act, write television, write fiction, produce film and I’m still toying with the idea of writing a graphic novel. Carrie Ann hosts, acts, dances, produces television, produces Broadway, and plans to write her next script herself. We are multi-tasking goddesses!

But the big thing we share is a bright spirit and fierce drive that propels us past all obstacles and ever onward in our careers. Interviewer Wenda Fong lauded Carrie Ann for being so fearless in her career and life choices, and Carrie Ann bravely revealed that she does have fears – she just doesn’t let them get her down. She said it best – “It’s not about not having fears. It’s about facing them.” Amen, sister.

Another gem of wisdom from Carrie Ann about pursuing a showbiz career – “It’s not that difficult to succeed. There’s always a way. Figure it out. Don’t expect anyone to do it for you. It’s not easy, but it is simple.”

I love this woman even more now. Thanks for an inspiring evening, Carrie!

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