Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tools of the Trade: Submitting Yourself Online

When I meet new actors, one of the first questions they ask is inevitably, “How do I get an agent?”

Honey, you do not need an agent to start working as an actor. News flash – agents don’t want newbies. They want people know how to audition, have worked on a set, and know the meaning of “hit your mark.” They want actors that already have somewhat substantial resumes that will impress casting directors.

So start gathering experience to put on your resume. Everyone starts somewhere. Put your headshots and your resume on the top three online casting sites, submit yourself to projects every day, and start auditioning right now!

Actors Access
FREE to sign up & create your resume, $2.00 for every submission or you can pay $68.00 for a full year of unlimited submissions. First two headshots are free, additional photos are $10 each.

LA Casting
Monthly membership packages start at $12.95 a month for unlimited submissions. First headshot is $25, additional photos are $10 each.

NOW Casting
FREE to signup & create your resume with 6 headshots, monthly membership packages start at $11 a month for unlimited submissions to LA projects.

There are also online casting opportunities at Backstage, SAG Indie, Actor’s Equity, and Casting Frontier. So get going!


  1. Hi Teresa! I am not on NOW Casting, and I find that there are a lot of the same postings on LA Casting and Actors Access- do you find the same thing on NOW Casting? I would hate to spend another 11 dollars a month for the same information in triplicate! Any advice? Thanks! -Jasmine

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jasmine! The added bonus to NOW Casting is that they often have SAG/AFTRA episodic television roles on there - Actors Access & LA Casting *rarely* do. I've seen Justified, Community, Criminal Minds, etc. - major shows. I think it's worth the extra 11 dollars a month for access to the big shots. Plus then you can say you're definitely covered everywhere...

  3. Well I would like to get into writing. should I just do a film festival, and try to make a splash? honestly I'm ready to write great films, that are not recycled films :)

    1. Absolutely you should write and shoot a short film and submit it to festivals! People are shooting & editing on their iPhones these days - it's so easy. All you need is a good story and if you have one, go for it!