Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Hump Day Update

A new regular feature? Perhaps. I just like saying the name.

Despite too many moments of intense procrastination and self-flagellation in the writing department, the last few weeks have been rather eventful. Great for my career, though not so good for Project Slow Down. Here’s the Hump Day Update! (Right? Fun.)

- Misusing Irony, the short film I produced for my talented friend Christopher Tillman was accepted into the Bel Air Film Festival, which means in a few months I’ll be dressing up to walk the red carpet and greet our fans – both of them! Just kidding, Christopher...the hipsters will surely be swarming...

(BTW, Christopher just shot a supporting role in the indie feature The Kitchen, starring Bryan Greenberg & Laura Preponannounced in Variety no less! I knew him when…)

- Keeping the momentum going, Christopher and I started pre-production on a Web show pilot we’ll be hosting, in the style of just about every cool show on Revision 3. It’s an idea I had several years ago that we’re finally getting back to. We’re still looking for a green screen studio if anyone has a hookup!

- Untouchable, the short film I acted in a few months ago was accepted into the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival. Already planning to stay the weekend, taste some wine, and do a little pool lounging at my glamorous Motel 6 accommodations. Hey, if it’s good enough for Tom Bodett...

- Wrapped principal photography on a Web series I’m starring in called Modern Family Business. Worked with some great actors, including John Schaffer of indie feature Stan and Kirsten Gronfield of TBS’ 10 Items or Less, drank four cups of coffee in the course of shooting one scene (no sleep that night, of course), and spent a lot of time hiding in the flower cooler to escape the heat. Watch this blog for news of the show’s premiere!

- Had my latest and greatest TV appearances added to my demo reel by the editing pros at Bubba's Chop Shop, including two clips from The United States of Tara that I still hadn’t seen yet because I don’t get Showtime. Check out the new reel below!

- And as if I needed more work on my plate, I made a commitment to self-publish a collection of at least 5 of my original fiction pieces by the end of the year. I can muster five readable stories – I know I can. I don’t like creating more deadlines, but they work. And me announcing this to my blog audience is just another way I keep myself accountable. You’ll buy a copy, won’t you?

- Oh, and I worked 40 hours a week at my day job. Yipes!

And there's The Hump Day Update! People always ask me where I get my energy - I honestly don't know. Going to collapse now...

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