Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Writer’s Diet Experiment, Day 6

Saturday began in my favorite Saturday t-shirt doing my favorite Saturday activity – Relax & Write! Wednesday night was a make-up class – Saturday is usually when I partake in the beautiful creative experience that is Relax & Write.

I was able to snag my favorite chair this morning too. This is me re-enacting what my pre-writing meditation looks like.

Filled up on our usual Saturday morning spread -

After another wonderful session of writing and some chatter about our Relax & Write recital tomorrow (which you’ll hear all about here), I headed to my second rehearsal for Modern Family Business, the Web series I’m starring in. We worked on a few episodes, including the one where my character gets drunk on chocolate coffee liqueur.

This is me and my Web series daughter –

I’m blessed and grateful to look younger than my actual age, but in this case I feel a bit silly. Don’t I look more like her sister than her mom?

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  1. 1. that chair in that bookshelf nook looks awesome.
    2. you do look too young to be her momma, but that's okay.

  2. Thanks Lynn! The best part of that bookshelf nook is that on the very top shelf over my left shoulder sits my teacher's Emmy Award. It's so gorgeous!