Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Writer’s Diet Experiment, Day 3

Woke up this morning and did a thirty minute think session about my law pilot. No actual writing, just turning over scenarios in my head while staring at the ceiling. If anyone ever observed one of my think sessions, I’m sure it would look quite unsettling – eyes glazed over, looking at nothing – but it works for me.

Got dressed and headed to the day job. Today was one of those days where I worked too work. Three meetings, five new projects, and about eight pieces of candy from the jar on my manager’s desk. Stress eating!

My day job pays the bills, and for that I am grateful. The fact that I actually enjoy the work and sense of accomplishment it gives the left side of my brain is an added bonus.

Still, I need to constantly remind myself to keep my eyes on the prize. I always say that the most valuable job skill an artist can develop is focus. It’s so easy to get distracted or side-tracked – focus is what drives us toward success.

While at lunch with an actress friend who also works at my office, we reminded each other that we are artists! Our goal is not to climb the corporate ladder. Our goal is our art – writing, acting, and basically being creative as much as possible. She helped me spin a few ideas for the law pilot while we ate burgers at The Habit.

But my overachieving work ethic being what it is, I still worked later than I should have. Before I knew it, I’d stayed an extra hour!

Dang. Grabbed another fast food dinner – I warned you, what I eat is not pretty – and got on the road for my weekly class at Relax & Write.

I’ve been relaxing and writing with Maia Danziger for almost two years and I love it! Maia uses Buddhist-influenced meditation and relaxation techniques to help writers get in touch with their inner creative spirit. She creates a wonderfully supportive environment and my writing is better and more free because of it. Learn more about her classes and buy her book at

After leaving class with a few thousand more words of my novel, I checked my voicemail. A message from my manager about an audition in the morning! To play an officious yet humorous mayor on The Fresh Beat Band. More on that tomorrow!

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