Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Writer’s Diet Experiment, Day 4

Audition this morning for The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr.! Even though I’ve auditioned for them before, I started the day by watching a few YouTube videos of the show to remind myself of the pacing and energy. Always a good idea before any audition, especially since you can find at least a clip of every show somewhere online.

The audition was at Paramount Studios, which has the most colorful maps!

Yes, this is the same studio lot where they shoot Glee! They’re on hiatus, of course, so there were no Cheerios or New Directions in sight.

After the audition, I headed to the Metro Diner in Culver City for lunch with an actress friend who moved away from LA five years ago. She’s moved on to become a skilled jewelry designer – check out her gorgeous pieces at

The Metro Diner is not a diner at all, but rather a Serbian/American eatery with a menu that ranges from healthy creations like Braised Tofu with Quinoa and Kale to Serbian classics like Chevapchichi. Their Burrata over Grilled Sweet Pepper starter is one of the best kept secrets in town for lovers of this creamy, fresh mozzarella. Just look at the size of this mound of cheese!

After work, I headed to the first rehearsal for a web series I’m starring in called Modern Family Business. This is me and John Schaffer, my web series husband, attempting to look natural while the actress playing my daughter snaps a photo.

We start shooting in a few weeks. Follow the show on Twitter or Like our Facebook page to learn more!

I finished watching this year’s Tony Awards when I got home – Neil Patrick Harris is the bomb – and despaired over missing the New York Philharmonic’s HD presentation of Company starring NPH, Stephen Colbert, Patti Lupone, and a slew of other celebrities. I hope they release it on DVD.

At least my headshots from Reproductions arrived – my stock is officially replenished!

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  1. Hope the audition went well! Looking forward to seeing the new web series as well! Great post, thank you for sharing :)


  3. Thanks Julian - you'll hear plenty more about the web series soon! :) Hope you're enjoying your summer!