Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Erin Quill Tells it Like it T-I-IS!

That moment when that actress you know speaks more eloquently and comprehensively on issues of diversity for performers than anyone ever in the history of speaking...

Broadway actress and self-proclaimed "Tiger Blogger" Erin Quill gave this passionate speech at LA STAGE Day, sponsored by the LA STAGE Alliance.

Whatever the color of your skin may be, if you love the theater, you MUST watch this!

(FYI - the title of this blog post refers to one of my favorite B-52 songs...)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Writing Deadline Video Distractions

When I'm cramming to finish a script by a deadline, I always balance my writing intervals with a little YouTube watching. Okay, more than a little. Here are my favorites this month --

A gem from Louis C.K.'s newest comedy special "Oh My God." I love him, of course...

Also in love with this piece of comedy gold - a completely improved, unedited take from Patton Oswalt's guest appearance on Parks and Recreation --

Since I'm swimming in TV right now - finales, upfronts, staffing season, etc. - I've been revisiting this oldie but goodie from College Humor --

My favorite new jam from Clara C - a delicious cover of Phillip Phillips' "Home" --

And even though I'm not on the Zach Braff-shouldn't-be-using-Kickstarter bandwagon, I found this fake Kickstarter video from SketchZord pretty hilarious --

Okay, back to writing...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Hump Day Update: Pre-Birthday Edition

Dear Fairy Godmother,

This year for my birthday, I want to get staffed on a network television drama. It would be really neat if the Early Retirement Kickstarter got fully funded too.

Thanks Fairy Godmother. Have I mentioned you have amazing skin?


Now that that's done, here's what I've been up to lately --

• Shot my last episode of the season for Grey's Anatomy - what a fantastic year it's been on the show! So grateful for each and every opportunity to play with them. Finally snagged a picture with Sandra Oh, who in my opinion is the most lovely person on that set.

• Played a medical examiner in Criminal Minds season finale. Props to any actor who has ever played a dead body - those autopsy tables are not comfortable!

• Volunteered for the 10th time (I think) at the annual East West Players Visionary Awards. The last hurrah for my long hair! Always love seeing my friends in black tie --

• Shot a USC class exercise film -- one hotel room + four hours to shoot = stressed out film students! I had a great time with my amazing co-star Alina Chorna - plus it's not every day I'm cast as a hotel maid.

• Attempted to attend a CAPE event in the Warner Bros. lot, but it was way oversold, so I was turned away. Couldn't leave without at least snapping a few pics on the backlot for posterity.

• Booked and shot an indie film project in a Long Beach church filled with owls, i.e. - the halls and youth area were completely owl-themed. I think the idea was that they were teaching them to be wise...

• Booked and shot another AFI cycle film, playing a doctor. No spaceship this time...

The production designer MacGuyver'ed this medical ID from my headshot - awesome!

Phew! Another beautifully busy update - looking forward to working on Early Retirement next. Oh wait, we need to get funded first! Contribute today!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A True Hollywood Hustler

The number stares at me in its 48 pt font boldness -- "3 days to go"

Only 3 days left to hit our $15,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter for Early Retirement, the short film I'm co-producing and starring in. If the campaign doesn't get funded, the film doesn't happen.

The panic has officially set in.

This is the first Kickstarter campaign I've been personally involved in. I've given to friends' Kickstarters in the past, sending them financial love as I watched them frantically email, Tweet, and plead for contributors.

Some seemed to hit their goals easily - my friends Helen and Mike reached their goal without posting anything more than a picture of their smiling faces - now that's star power. Other friends fought long and hard for their Kickstarter wins, like my friends Joyce and David who raised $50,000 for their feature after weeks of hustling.

Now I know how they feel. Because I have become a hustler!

A day hasn't gone by that I haven't tweeted at least twice about Early Retirement. I've been talking about it nonstop. I made a Facebook invite, I sent two rounds of emails to everyone in my address book, and I've tagged people on Facebook in various targeted pleas. I did a special photo shoot with Toshikophoto after cutting my hair to prove I can play a badass assassin.

I hosted an assassin-themed birthday party to say thank you to backers and generate more support --

I asked illustrator friend Henry Liao to draw some original concept art to help sell the idea of the film. We're offering exclusive prints as a new reward --

All of this hustling is normal, of course. That's what independent filmmakers do every day to get their passion projects made. I'm not complaining at all. I'm accustomed to hard work - built for it actually - and fighting for this project is just in a day's work.

But if Friday night comes and we don't get funded, I might just cry.

So please, help a sister out. Contribute to the Early Retirement Kickstarter NOW and help us reach our goal!