Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Hump Day Update: Crazy February Edition

How is it March already?!?!

February was a complete and total blur, filled with the same feeling as always - "I should be writing more!" Though when I look back, I can see how incredibly busy I was. Doing what, you ask? Here's a brief recap --

• Finally finished my latest TV pilot script and delivered the draft to my agent. Phew! Holding my breath while they read...

• After doing ten episodes as various nurses on Grey's Anatomy - ER Nurse, OR Nurse, Peds Nurse, etc. - I was finally given a name! Introducing Nurse Ruth --

Nurse Ruth was quite the rabble rouser in this episode --

• Saw two great theater productions starring great actor friends - the best kind of theater to see!

First was King Lear starring Larry Cedar --

Then Chinglish at South Coast Rep starring the lovely Michelle Krusiec. Went with my friend Katie, another fabulous actor that graduated from MIT. We should play sisters!

• Recorded some ADR for yet another episode of Grey's Anatomy --

And channeled my inner Majel Barrett-Roddenberry while recording a robotic computer voice for a friend's upcoming short film --

• Devoted several fulfilling volunteer hours to non-profits WriteGirl and Break the Cycle. Represented both at several community fairs --

• Finally, I booked and shot an AFI student short that fulfilled my fantasy of being in a science fiction film. I played a space pilot who got stabbed - how fun is that?

That was my February, people! No wonder I'm so stressed. Here's hoping March is nice and calm...   #yeahright

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  1. WOOT! MIT Actors kicking butt :) Would love to catch up when you get the chance.

    Got to see the last show of Christmas in Hanoi at EWP this afternoon. What a great production. Reminds me why I wanted to pursue this in the first place.