Monday, January 11, 2016

Waiting and Writing

(I wrote this on my iPhone notes app while waiting for brunch to start Sunday morning...)

Why is it during moments like this that I feel the most possibility? In the minutes right before. Before friends arrive, before the event begins, before I have to get out of bed - before life happens. Suddenly, in these moments, I want to write.

These are the fleeting times when ideas float in and I take out my phone to jot some things down in my Notes app. Sometimes fragments of ideas, sometimes a whole piece begins to form as I tap rapid-fire with my thumbs. Until the moment is inevitably interrupted when whatever I'm waiting for begins and my brief burst of momentum is lost.

I'm realizing these bursts probably come because these are moments I'm just with myself. My mind isn't filled with tasks I need to complete or things that need to be written. I'm truly just alone with nothing to do but wait. And in that waiting, inspiration finds me.

Perhaps this is the mentality I need to adopt the next time I sit down to write. Just wait. Be with yourself and the inspiration will come. Trust that any moment could be that moment before. Could it really be that easy? Let's see...

1 comment:

  1. Maybe the freedom lies in the lack of commitment. We only have a few moments to jot down notes on our iPhones. We're not hashing out a whole story. There's no commitment yet. But when we sit down at our laptops we know we're making a commitment for the next year or two or three. And in the end we may receive another rejection, or another round of notes, or we may once again be looking at something that will never go anywhere. And we will have spent the last several years of our time, energy, and soul on something we love, but nobody else does. It's terrifying.