Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Video Distractions: Happiness Edition

Spilling words rapid fire into a vomit draft because deadlines are looming means I've been in a constant state of panic, self-judgement, and dissatisfaction. Here are some videos I've been watching on repeat to wash away the ick. Get ready for some joy!

First, I can't take my eyes off this delightful piece of choreography. "You'll never feel happy - until you try!"

Next, a slightly less finessed dance performance from Paul Rudd, though ten times more hilarious. The last song is my favorite --

In the middle of a 90s music nostalgia binge of old Moxy Fruvous CDs, which led me to discovering bassist Murray Foster's latest creative endeavor - writing and directing his first feature The Cocksure Lads.

Murray and fellow former Fruvous bandmate Mike Ford wrote and performed all the cheery Brit Pop-esque music. Here's one of their new tunes, animated beautifully --

Here's a tidbit from my sports-loving brother The Junk Food Guy that I can't stop watching. Apparently Shaq does not know what a pierogi is. Thank goodness Charles Barkley is there to set him straight --

And finally, some Olicity squishiness is always good for the soul --

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