Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Hump Day Update: Birthday Month Edition

Where has the time gone? Spring is springing by way too fast for me. I finished my pilot script mid-April and then quickly dove into other adventures. First up, WonderCon!

Another weekend spent in nerd heaven. Devoted post about that coming later, because there's just too much to say...

Then, two delicious acting jobs. First, Nurse Ruth stopped by the season finale of Grey's Anatomy opposite the oh so phenomenal Sandra Oh--

So thrilled to work with Sandra before she leaves the show after 10 incredible seasons as Dr. Cristina Yang. I wept like a baby watching her shoot her last scene with Ellen Pompeo. Powerful stuff - tune in tomorrow night for the season finale!

Then shot a small role on the upcoming new FX comedy Married starring Nat Faxon and Judy Greer. Gushed to Nat about how much I adored The Way, Way Back, after which I sat awkwardly staring at the wall because I didn't know what else to say.

I played the wife of a recognizable TV/film star who I can't show you just yet. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to get the full picture when the show airs!

And then, the event I've been busting my ass planning and promoting for months - Lights, Camera, WriteGirl! - a benefit evening to support the innovative creative writing, mentoring, and college guidance programs of WriteGirl. This was me all night - a blur of activity --

The event was a resounding success - brilliant writing by teen girls brought to life by celebrity actors, epic silent auction, food by my friends at Castle's Catering, and a photo booth by my friends at Lucky Laughter Photo Booth.

And then, the very next week, I was promptly laid off by WriteGirl. Sigh. Teresa has left the building...

Onward and upward! Next up, the annual East West Players Visionary Awards Dinner! I've volunteered for this event eleven times. I don't get starstruck at all anymore - now it's just a chance to catch up with friends. I didn't even snap any pics - this one's from my fellow volunteer Ruffy --

(Yeah, I wore the same dress to both events...)

The start of May brought the start of staffing season for my TV writing career. I signed with new literary managers, had a few general meetings, and had one showrunner meeting that has my fingers permanently crossed. I also started (late) writing a spec for the fellowship programs --

In between writing, I spent three days shooting a USC grad student film with a talented director I've worked with before. Proof that if you're a kind, joyful, creative, and acknowledging leader, you'll inspire dozens of actors and crew to work overnight in Long Beach and leave with smiles on their faces --

Just enough energy after the first day to stop by Free Comic Book Day at my local shop Dreamworld Comics --

And then...the birthday activities began! My brother, the Junk Food Guy, arrived for a long weekend of eating, dining, and noshing.

In three days, we visited Roy Choi's new restaurant POT in Koreatown, Take a Bao in Studio City, Bay Cities in Santa Monica, and Furaibo on Sawtelle. And of course, every east coaster's dream, In-n-Out Burger. Seoul Sausage would have also been on the list had they not closed early. I also introduced him to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - how can they not have this on the east coast?

In true Teresa fashion, I started my birthday weekend by giving back - donated a sack of groceries for the annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive --

Then I threw a party! I received the best birthday gift imaginable - a home filled with friends, laughter, and cake --

Next up, another storytelling event tomorrow night --

And hopefully a return to semi-regular blogging along with more writing, writing, writing...

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