Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013: The Numbers

# of blog posts written: 65 (Less than half of last year! Where did the time go?)

# of blog comments: 32 (Guess you guys were busy too)

# of blog followers: 43 (Following isn't a thing anymore, is it? Sign up for my email list instead!)

# of followers on Twitter: 611 (Decent growth considering I mostly retweet or tweet about this blog)

# of writing-related industry meetings: 20 (I am truly blessed with great agents)

# of showrunner meetings: 1 (More in the new year!)

# of scripts written: 2 (Pathetic!!)

# of pilots developed that didn't sell: 2 (So much for Leelee and Romeo & Juliet)

# of acting auditions: 37 (Same number as last year. Weird.)

# of acting jobs booked: 12 (Huzzah!)

# of those acting jobs that were paid: 3 (Remember, payment ≠ payment)

# of days Nurse Ruth spent at Seattle Grace: 5

# of script readings I participated in: 4 (Love doing these)

# of new demo reels: 1 (Thanks Bubba's Chop Shop!)

# of new headshot sessions: 1 with ToshikoPhoto (I'm not counting this assassin photo shoot)

# of industry events attended: 42

# of shows/storytelling events attended: 31 (Thank goodness for Goldstar...)

# of hours spent volunteering with WriteGirl and Break the Cycle: More than two hundred! Whew!

# of blessings I'm grateful for: Countless

# of friends who had babies this year: Don't even get me started...

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Here's to continued success and many new adventures in 2014! As you already know - big fan of all things Teresa :)

  2. love this!! can't wait to see everything 2014 has in store!!!!

  3. Love it! And your card is genius.