Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Hump Day Update: Mid-Summer Edition

My summer days have been anything but lazy! Here's an update on what's keeping me unseasonably busy --

• June was mostly spent in the throes of pre-producion for Early Retirement as well as stunt training --

But then, for a variety of reasons, we decided to postpone the shoot to October. I promptly started eating carbs again. I missed pizza - sue me. Pre-production continues - training will resume next month...

• The big writing project drawing my focus has been developing a new series with a big-time film producer. Can't really talk about it yet, but here's a hint --

Not much of a hint, but like I said, I can't talk about it yet!

• Jamming on my sci-fi romance novel - more than 13,000 words so far! Writing this story has been a delicious journey, particularly because of the leading men inspirations that have been swimming in my imagination. These guys are in my dreams anyway --

• Wrapped up a truly enjoyable first year of volunteering with WriteGirl at their Season End Celebration at the Writers Guild Theater. I spent most of the event wrangling the celebrity guest readers, though I was able to watch my mentee read her awesome poem. Go M!

And of course I posed for a silly picture in front of the step-and-repeat --

• I indulged my inner NPR nerd by attending a live taping of A Prairie Home Companion at The Greek Theater. My first time at the Greek! Clean, hearty, good-natured fun with special appearances by Paula Poundstone, Martin Sheen, and Lily Tomlin.

I was particularly taken by songs by Colin Hay, the former lead singer of Men at Work. His voice was still a powerhouse and his acoustic version of "Overkill" was just incredible. It sounded something like this --

Thanks to Goldstar for such fantastic seats!

(I went back to the Greek a week later to see Barry Manilow and screamed my head off. But we won't talk about that here...)

• And ICYMI, I have a new demo reel!


  1. Hey Teresa, it's Billy-Ho!! Lovin' the updates! That scene with you, Rosemary DeWitt and my boy Patton O. was classic!! Thanks for putting up that link to Colin Hay's acoustic performance of Overkill. I always liked that song but had never heard it acoustically until he had an appearance on Scrubs in 2002. Such a beautiful, haunting song.

    1. Thanks Billy! I know, hearing Colin sing Overkill reminded me how much I love that song. I can't stop listening to it now!