Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nursing in a Newspaper Building

Booked and shot a small role in an indie feature a few weeks back. Guess who I was hired to play?

Helloooo nurse! (Still waiting for the call to model scrubs for a medical uniform catalog. Seriously.)

It was a low-budget feature called North Blvd, written by, directed by, and starring Amy Esacove about her real-life experiences of finding her birth parents. She previously told the story in a one-woman show, then in a short film. Shooting the feature-length version was the obvious next step! (Amy raised $38K+ on Indieagogo - impressive!)

The production was low-budget, but they generously had a honeywagon for me --

Not a deluxe model, but I was still so grateful for it - it was a crazy hot day in downtown LA!

First things first - craft services --

Spent the morning munching and writing in my trailer --

Then lunch! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and a yummy kale salad --

We were shooting at the Herald Examiner, a defunct newspaper building turned mish mash of standing sets available for film shooting. On the way to the film's set, I passed this gorgeous ballroom-like lobby --

And walked through a saloon set, which was actually the original Paddy's Pub set for the first two seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia --

We were in the police station set area, shooting in the "morgue" --

Lots of amazing women on the crew - that's what happens when you have female filmmakers at the helm!

It was fascinating watching Amy direct herself and the other actors while giving direction to the DP and crew. I've always wondered how writer/director/actors do it all at the same time. Amy was the picture of poise and collaboration - I learned so much while watching her work.

Shot my scene in the sweltering hot room and was wrapped in a few hours! Here I am with the auteur herself --

Thanks for a fun day, North Blvd! Can't wait to see the finished film!

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