Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Hump Day Update: Pre-Birthday Edition

Dear Fairy Godmother,

This year for my birthday, I want to get staffed on a network television drama. It would be really neat if the Early Retirement Kickstarter got fully funded too.

Thanks Fairy Godmother. Have I mentioned you have amazing skin?


Now that that's done, here's what I've been up to lately --

• Shot my last episode of the season for Grey's Anatomy - what a fantastic year it's been on the show! So grateful for each and every opportunity to play with them. Finally snagged a picture with Sandra Oh, who in my opinion is the most lovely person on that set.

• Played a medical examiner in Criminal Minds season finale. Props to any actor who has ever played a dead body - those autopsy tables are not comfortable!

• Volunteered for the 10th time (I think) at the annual East West Players Visionary Awards. The last hurrah for my long hair! Always love seeing my friends in black tie --

• Shot a USC class exercise film -- one hotel room + four hours to shoot = stressed out film students! I had a great time with my amazing co-star Alina Chorna - plus it's not every day I'm cast as a hotel maid.

• Attempted to attend a CAPE event in the Warner Bros. lot, but it was way oversold, so I was turned away. Couldn't leave without at least snapping a few pics on the backlot for posterity.

• Booked and shot an indie film project in a Long Beach church filled with owls, i.e. - the halls and youth area were completely owl-themed. I think the idea was that they were teaching them to be wise...

• Booked and shot another AFI cycle film, playing a doctor. No spaceship this time...

The production designer MacGuyver'ed this medical ID from my headshot - awesome!

Phew! Another beautifully busy update - looking forward to working on Early Retirement next. Oh wait, we need to get funded first! Contribute today!

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