Friday, May 24, 2013

Writing Deadline Video Distractions

When I'm cramming to finish a script by a deadline, I always balance my writing intervals with a little YouTube watching. Okay, more than a little. Here are my favorites this month --

A gem from Louis C.K.'s newest comedy special "Oh My God." I love him, of course...

Also in love with this piece of comedy gold - a completely improved, unedited take from Patton Oswalt's guest appearance on Parks and Recreation --

Since I'm swimming in TV right now - finales, upfronts, staffing season, etc. - I've been revisiting this oldie but goodie from College Humor --

My favorite new jam from Clara C - a delicious cover of Phillip Phillips' "Home" --

And even though I'm not on the Zach Braff-shouldn't-be-using-Kickstarter bandwagon, I found this fake Kickstarter video from SketchZord pretty hilarious --

Okay, back to writing...

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