Friday, February 1, 2013

The Keys of My TV Success

I love getting messages and questions from blog readers! Like this one --
Teresa -

I've been meaning to stop by and say hi. I wanted to thank you so much for giving us that inside look into Hollywood. My dream is also to move to L.A. and pursue this crazy thing called acting.

How are you able to book these roles on TV? That is awesome!!

All the best and look forward to reading more from you! Thank you!

– Alvino
Thanks for your lovely message, Alvino! Having a dream is going to be your most important tool if you ever do decide to come to LA. That passion is what's going to get through you all the ups and downs, because trust me, there will be many!

As for how I'm able to book roles on television like this --

I'd say these are the not-so-secret secrets to my success --
  • I have an agent & manager - Being submitted officially through Breakdown Services is the only way to get access to legitimate casting opportunities. TV casting moves so fast, most other methods that promise access to actors without representation (such as getting the breakdowns illegally) are likely too outdated to do you any good.

  • I know my type - I play doctors, nurses, and reporters, which are roles always needed in scripted television. You may consider yourself a chameleon, but the truth is it will serve you to be a little pigeon-holed in the beginning. Find the type that can get you cast now!

  • I've studied on-camera acting - When I moved to LA and started studying with Doug Warhit, my performance was stage-y - too broad, too loud, and too physical. Watching myself and learning what works on-camera was vital in booking those auditions.

  • I do casting director workshops - Like I said before, TV casting moves fast. Most TV casting directors don't have to time to discover new talent in the old ways - showcases, theater, etc. - so workshops are great for being seen by working casting directors and learning more about their offices.

  • I know television - I watch a lot of TV. A lot. Because this is my job. Like I said in my list of Acting Headscratchers, you wouldn't trust a mechanic that's never owned a car. You'll never work in TV if you don't watch it. TV acting is different from film acting, and every show is different - familiarizing yourself with the pace, tone, and energy of each show is essential to preparing for an audition.


  1. Good Advice.. Thanks Teresa!

  2. Thanks Susan! Hope all is going well for you in Boston!! :)

  3. Thank you so much for this Teresa! You went above and beyond in explaining with so much detail. It is greatly appreciated and an honor that you did so.

    Best of luck with your Television/Film and, of course, writing career. You have many fans cheering you on and you certainly have one cheering you from afar.

    Buena suerte y te cuidas mucho!!


  4. Great advice. I was wondering if you ever had a bad audition (probably not) and how you get over it? Thanks and you are a inspiration.