Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crushing At Word Salad

Last week marked my return to WordSalad, a storytelling evening at the Talking Stick Coffeehouse in Venice. My debut performance was a resounding success, so I was looking forward to upping the ante on my return.

The theme was "Crushes." Even though I was booked before the new year, I waited until the morning of the show to type up my story --

Procrastination is a terrible trait, but thankfully the story came together quickly. Though I worried it was too simple. Would it play alongside everyone's clever, quippy stories?

Story prepared, I headed over to The Talking Stick. The place filled up fast --

Before long, I took the stage and told my story. I couldn't really see the audience, but the few people I could see were captivated as the details unfolded. Lots of gasps and awwws - very encouraging. I surprised even myself by getting emotional near the end of the tale. First love emotions never completely fade, I suppose...

My friend Ronnie's friend Jon Bernstein posted a lovely review of the show on his blog LA Culture Hound. "My fave of the night is Teresa Huang, who casts a spell with her straightforward, uncluttered delivery of her sixth grade crush on a Mormon boy." Read the rest of his lovely words here.

I love participating in storytelling events. It's thrilling and empowering to share a piece of your soul on stage. Thanks to Lora and WordSalad for another great event!

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