Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Joys of Editing

If getting your butt in the chair to write is a challenge, moving through the editing process can be damn near impossible.

Your first battle with your inner critic was bad enough. Editing means revisiting your work and doing battle again before your initial wounds have even healed.

I know because my inner critic has been kicking me in the gut lately. Luckily, I volunteered last weekend at the first-ever WriteGirl Editing Workshop.

I love this organization so very much. Not only did they fill the day with bright, fun activities to introduce their amazing teen girls to the editing process, the girls themselves provided me with endless inspiration.

As soon as we sat down, the editing began. These girls were fearless, tackling their original words with gusto, finding ways to make it better. No self doubt - just forward movement.

There were stations all around the room with activities to get the editing process rolling --

Loved this first question in particular --

I definitely know which of my pieces I'd like to date...

The walls were filled with plenty of great editing tips and ideas too --

And best of all, donated deliciousness from Porto's --

Inspired and invigorated, I went home and breezed through a page one edit of my latest TV pilot. Incredible! Huge thanks to WriteGirl for showing me how effortless editing can be. A lesson I sorely needed!

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