Friday, January 21, 2011

Fiction Friday: Chinese Daughter

A six sentence fiction story in response to this Wall Street Journal article making the rounds on Facebook – Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior:

Chinese Daughter

When she couldn’t play the Moonlight Sonata without pausing to let her fingers catch up with her overworked brain, he told her she was a worthless piece of garbage. His harsh manner was a strategy learned from his parents to encourage his beloved child to practice more. He was puzzled when she went to college and stopped calling home, relating the news that she quit piano via text message. So he pushed harder, turning up the volume on his taunts and insults until he was screaming, wanting desperately for her to come back and play the music she played so beautifully all her life. He missed his daughter and hoped she knew how proud he’d always been of her. But he never got the chance to tell her before she slipped away entirely, moving across the world, never to return to play for him again.


  1. I really like this story, I think it resonates with me because it reminds of me the stories I used to hear about my parent's friends children; and I am always thankful that my parents allowed us to do things we enjoyed and encouraged us to be good at something that we were actually good at.

  2. Thanks Tina! Yes, I'm grateful for the way my parents raised me too. The Chinese mother article was so funny to me - so accurate!