Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Dollar Here, A Dollar There

How was my first week of not spending? Easy! I didn’t even break a sweat. While at the 99 Cents Only store, I simply stuck to the produce and food aisles and avoided the rest of the store. A penny saved is a penny earned, right? Or 99 cents earned in this case.

Here are some other ways I realized I could save or make a few dollars here and there. It adds up – trust me.
  • Library Fines – I used to justify them as donations to a public institution I value immensely. No more! The books go back whether I’m done or not. I can always check them out again.

  • Recycle Ink CartridgesStaples Rewards will give you $2 for every ink or laser cartridge you bring in. I went hunting for old cartridges left by the trash around my office and found two. Score! Those free dollars are definitely going to come in handy later this year when I need to replenish office supplies.

  • ATM Fees – Never again. I can go the extra three blocks to find a Chase. Besides, I don’t need to get cash that often!

  • Piggy Bank – The oldest trick in the book. That rattling noise is mighty satisfying.

  • Recycle Cans & Bottles – You know that empty water bottle you’re throwing away? That’s money! (Not that I ever threw water bottles in the trash before, because that’s not where they go!) Before I started taking my cans & bottles to a recycle center instead of recycling curbside, I was basically throwing money away every time I had a drink. The extra errand is worth it!

And so I continue forward on my thrifty new year’s resolution. If you have any micro-ways to save money, leave them below!

Until my next update, here’s to all the dollars staying in my wallet.

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