Sunday, April 4, 2010

Diorama Envy

Everyone made dioramas in grade school. Take a shoe box, throw some art supplies at it, and end up with a scene from the American Civil War or Animal Farm. Not sure if this is still done, but I made plenty in my day.

Of course, my diorama projects were often trumped by my classmates’ projects. For a desert scene in 3rd Grade, I spent a day mixing Play-Doh colors together to make an adobe house and cutting out green cacti from construction paper. A classmate’s arctic scene featured an enormous igloo built with sugar cubes, snow banks of fluffy white cotton sprinkled with glitter, and an icy pond made out of crackling blue cellophane. He clearly had superior art supplies with which to create. After one look at his masterpiece, my adobe house fell over and refused to stand up straight again.

But when I saw the photo gallery for The Washington Post’s fourth annual Peeps Diorama Contest, my diorama envy hit an all-time high. Take a gander for yourself and you’ll feel the same way. The winner? Disney/Pixar’s Up recreated with bunny Peeps. Sweet genius.


  1. I never knew I had diorama envy but I do!
    That's amazing.

  2. Isn't it? When you open the photo gallery, you can see links to the winners from previous years too. So much fun!