Friday, April 9, 2010

A beautiful song stuck in my head

Discovering new music is never an active endeavor for me. It usually looks something like this:

During a late night, time-wasting binge on YouTube, I stumble across a video of Asian-American kids singing a cover of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” to promote Kollaboration. Wonder to myself who’s Train and what’s a Kollaboration? Decide to watch the video. Feel instantly impressed by everyone’s voice. Damn, these Asian kids can sing! Who knew?

Find and watch the original song by Train. Feel instantly unimpressed. Go back to listen to the Asian kids again and again.

Realize that the cherubic-faced Asian girl is catching my eye and ear repeatedly. Find her name – Clara Chung, aka
Clara C. What’s her deal? Visit her YouTube channel to listen to more, including a fantastic cover of “Fireflies” by Owl City. Think she sounds like an Asian Colbie Caillat.

Find the video for her original song, “Offbeat.” Sweet and catchy. Listen to that over and over. Decide the lyric “You put the art in my heart” is the most gorgeous sentiment ever.

Download the song for $1. Listen to it on repeat for two days straight.

I wasn’t looking for a new obsession. I wasn’t actively seeking an Asian-American singer to support. I wasn’t working off a recommendation from a friend. Finding Clara C just sort of happened.

Because that’s true discovery. “Offbeat” is a beautiful treasure at the end of a random journey through the Internet. How many other fans have discovered her this way? Who knows. One thing’s for sure - Clara C has a new fan in me.


  1. I have done close to the same thing myself, except that I checked out Kollaboration after watching David Elsewhere dancing in the clip from the 2001 show in 2007. I love both the 2009 and 2010 promo vides, and have subscribed to the artists in the promos afterwards.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I know there are so many more Kollaboration videos to watch. I'll definitely check them out, though for now I'm still listening to "Offbeat." I should edit my post - it's been 5 days straight of listening to it on repeat! :)

  3. quote:"it's been 5 days straight of listening to it on repeat!"

    I have no doubts about that!