Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Writing Flood Gates Are Open

I love the expression "When it rains, it pours." It speaks to effortless abundance and I believe that the universe is filled with plenty.

Case in point - my writing has been flowing like crazy! A welcome change for me, because if you remember from Crawling Past the Finish Line post, my last pilot took me several months to write. Correction - several months of beating my head against a series proposal before moving to the writing phase for several painful months.

After finishing that script, I became a pilot reading machine through staffing season and focused on acting and Early Retirement stuff, and before I knew it, it was mid-May and I still needed to write a spec script of an existing show for the ABC, NBC, and Warner Bros. writing programs. Darn you, ticking hand of time!

What's a writer on a deadline to do? Bear down and get to work! 14 days to a completed script. I gave myself 7 days to beat out the story and outline and 7 days to write and revise.

And you guys -- I did it. I wrote a script in two weeks.

Don't know if it's any good, and at this point the applications are in, so it's doesn't matter. The important thing is that I did it. It makes me particularly proud because that's what writers on staff have to do - turn around scripts quickly - often in two weeks or less. And I did it.

And a wonderful thing happened --

My writing hasn't stopped flowing.

Since sending in my applications, I've revised and finished a short film script I haven't touched since last September. I developed and wrote a first draft of another short film script. I wrote another chapter of my sci-fi romance novel. I did a revision pass on a short story after getting notes from my editor. And I developed a nine-page series proposal for a whole new pilot for a producer I'm collaborating with - premise, characters, the pilot story, and an outline of season one.

And it's only Wednesday.

I hope I can keep this going, because this is how I want it to be all the time. I open the flood gates and words come out. And I go to sleep feeling like a writer. Awesome.

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