Thursday, April 4, 2013

Early Retirement Kickstarter Launches!

Let the begging begin...

After countless hours of discussing, editing, and tweaking, the Kickstarter campaign for Early Retirement, my second collaboration with my very good friend Christopher Tillman, is now live and ready to accept your generous donations.

Why should you give? Here are a few reasons --
  • This role is a game changer for me.

    I am grateful as hell for every doctor/nurse/reporter role I've had the privilege of playing on TV, but playing the female assassin lead of this short film will be my most challenging role to date. Not just because of the physical demands, but because I have to be fierce, powerful, and commanding and hold my own against a veteran screen actor.

    As someone who usually blends into the backdrop of a scene, this is my opportunity to cowboy up and shine. And I'm terrified. You want to see the result, don't you?

  • You want to see this movie.

    Christopher is a crazy-talented writer. You can view online the last three short films he's written and had produced - Misusing Irony, The Distance Between, and his Funny or Die debut Bud Selig Must Die, starring Jon Heder and Tony Hale.

    The Early Retirement script is bound to produce another award-winner. It's slick and sassy with a perfect balance of action and romance. The finished film is going to be an enjoyable ride - though we can only get there if you contribute today!

  • It's my birthday next month!

    This Kickstarter campaign is slated to end on May 10 - my birthday! Contributing to this campaign would be the best birthday gift ever.

    My close friends know that I usually ask for donations to my favorite charities at my birthday parties. One year I collected toys for the Asian Pacific Women's Center. Another year, it was white socks for the Hand to Hand Homeless Feeding Project.

    And while I still believe wholeheartedly in charitable giving, this year I'm allowing myself to receive. Helping this dream become a reality would mean the world to me. Please give!

    (Plus you get rewards like DVDs or signed posters for contributing, so really it's a win win...)

So please take a look at the Early Retirement Kickstarter page and consider contributing today! You can also follow Early Retirement on Twitter or Like the Early Retirement Facebook page.

Every dollar counts and every gesture of support is appreciated. Become a backer today and come along with me on this journey!

Thank you for your support!

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