Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Revolving Technology Door

Look who came home today!

"I spent seven days at the laptop repair shop and all I got was this stupid new LCD display."

I have to say, this last week was painful without my laptop. No Microsoft Office, no Final Draft, no Photoshop - what's a multi-tasking creative hyphenate supposed to do? I was like a manufacturer without a factory. No bueno.

Thank goodness I got this miracle of technology over Thanksgiving break --

That's an iPhone 4, baby! I have officially entered the 21st century. And I love it. L-O-V-E!

Of course, getting a new phone meant it was time to say goodbye to my faithful Sony Ericsson TM506. You can see the ghostly image of my new Hello Kitty case in the reflection --

I sent it off to be recycled to support the National Council Against Domestic Violence. If you have old, unused mobile phones or other digital electronics hanging around your house, consider donating them to support their programs - it's a win win!

And with that, my revolving door of technology is closed for now. New blog posts to come soon!

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