Thursday, May 17, 2012

TV Trailers Galore

Video trailers for all the new television shows coming in Fall 2012!
Click to watch: ABCFOXNBCCBSCW
These are the shows that have me excited - first, the dramas --

Revolution on NBC - I love post-apocalyptic, dystopian future stories - and this one's got sword-fighting!

Nashville on ABC - I also love country music. I think this is secretly about Faith Hill and Taylor Swift, who got famous with a song about Faith Hill's husband - drama bomb!

666 Park Avenue on ABC - Creeptastic fun!

Elementary on CBS - It's Monk as a serious drama! Slick and well-written, and Jonny Lee Miller looks pitch perfect.

Arrow on CW - This clip doesn't do the script justice - it's going to be straight-up superhero drama - can't wait!

And now, the comedies --

The Mindy Project on FOX - Hilarious and awesome, part 1

Ben & Kate on FOX - hilarious and awesome, part 2

What are you excited to see this fall?

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