Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday Friend Day at LAAPFF

First of all, Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the moms!

"I smiled last time..."

I spent the happy day at LAAPFF - again - to support more friends in their amazing films. First up was Knots, produced by, written by, and starring my wing woman Kimberly-Rose Wolter --

SO exciting to finally see this film! Adorable and thoroughly enjoyable. Kimberly's performance was pitch perfect - funny and free - and Sung Kang was fantastic in yet another romantic comedy lead. (Yesterday's Sunset Stories was the other.)

Turned on the step and repeat with Kimberly and director Michael Kang --

Then headed across to the street to The Counter to build burgers and eat fries covered in cheese. Captured this fantastic picture of Michael and Kimberly!

Then headed over to Koreatown to catch my friend Lynn in Daylight Savings, the sequel to Surrogate Valentine.

(That's not Lynn in the picture.)

Again, a terrific film and a wonderful evolution of Goh Nakamura's meta story. If you don't know these films, go to and watch the first one online. It's moody and truthful and filled with heart.

In my opinion, not enough Lynn Chen in this sequel. Said so afterward with the beautiful Tamlyn Tomita --

And picked up all my favorite Dave Boyle films on DVD --

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  1. it was so lovely to see your pretty smiling face all weekend long. thanks for all the shoutouts!