Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Don't Know S#*t from Shinola!

Perhaps you know Gregg Lee Henry from Payback --

Or from one of his 100+ roles in TV and film - he's kind of everywhere. He played Quinn Fabray's dad on Glee. Yeah, he's a "that guy."

I know him from playing my boss on The Riches --

Since our days as Panco people, we've remained wonderful friends. Even though he often portrays hard ass corporate types and various unsavory characters, he's actually the sweetest guy on the planet.

I've also become a big fan of his music. Yes, that's right people, Gregg Lee Henry is a talented and prolific singer/songwriter. Dwight Yoakam recorded one of his songs. Taylor Swift covered it. He's incredibly awesome.

This is his latest song "Shinola" - it makes my liberal heart smile.

Check out more of Gregg's music on MySpace! (My favorite is "This Ain't a Game")

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