Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life Made As Strange As Fiction

At a recent writer's seminar with Jen Grisanti, we were invited to write a log line for our life. An exercise to help us understand our own story. The components – a dilemma, action, goal, and ironic twist. Here’s mine:

When a typical Asian-American overachiever who was raised to be a doctor realizes she was born to be an artist, she embarks on the road less traveled to find love, happiness, and her own true voice – a journey that proves as long and hard as medical school.
What do you think?

Try it yourself – it’s a fascinating exercise. The theory is that writing log lines for your life is a way to discover and translate your truth into story ideas. Just add fiction and you have a new character!

Post yours below, if you dare.

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  1. The talented youngster soon found that life was all too easy for him, but the resulting adult was unprepared for the myriad of challenges in the grown-up world and to learn that one can not always reach the top of the hill being climbed.

    Teresa, I love this idea. Should it be just one sentence as you wrote? It makes me want to write more log lines... I will. Thank you.