Friday, February 18, 2011

Fiction Friday: Romantic Comedy

Six more sentences formed into a tidbit of fiction...

The bitch knew exactly where to punch him in his emotional gut to make it hurt. Battered and inwardly bruised, he swore off women entirely, resigning himself to a safe, easy life of singlehood. When he went to the animal shelter to rescue a replacement companion, the sweet-faced girl who opened the cages lingered as he signed out, mentioning the location of the dog park where she jogged. He looked at his canine passenger on the way home and asked, “This one will be different, right?” And even though the jack russell terrier looked doubtful, she turned out to be a different girl with a different outlook on different interests indeed. He panicked at all the differences, but finally realized he’d rather be there for her to punch than out of the game entirely.

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