Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Video Distractions Roundup

The videos I couldn't stop watching this year when I was supposed to be writing.

First, a gem for the ladies from Sarah Silverman on Conan:

ClaraC just released her first album, but she also records covers & mashups right in her apartment - a real DIY inspiration.

The great John Lopez was cinematographer on this tasty tidbit. Short, sweet, and funny!

Nicole Scherzinger & Tracie Thoms on the Hollywood Bowl stage. I saw the show live, but watch this whenever I wanna feel fierce.

Max Adler plays a gay-hating bully on Glee who is secretly gay himself. This video he made for The Trevor Project made me cry. I now want his body.

An animated tale from Mike Birbiglia, the best Moth storyteller / comedian / sleepwalker ever.

And finally, just because...

Curse you, online videos. Why are you so damn watchable?

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