Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010: The Numbers

# of blog posts written: 70

# of blog comments: 75

# of blog followers: 18 (won’t you follow too?)

# of dollars raised by my blog: 0 (donate via Paypal on the right!)

# of followers on Twitter: 125 (follow me there too!)

# of acting auditions: 25

# of acting jobs booked: 12 (so grateful!)

# of scripts written: 1 (very bad)

# of scripts started: at least 12 (better)

# of applications to writing fellowship programs: 6

# of acceptances into writing fellowship programs: 0 (try again next year)

# of industry events attended: 30

# of new industry contacts made: over 100

# of short films produced: 2

# of short films written & directed: 1 (see my Interpretations short here)

# of days spent feeling discouraged: 365

# of days spent revitalizing & refocusing on my goals: 365

Thanks 2010! Here’s to an even more creative and productive 2011!


  1. Batting nearly .500 and still discouraged! others would be happy with 2 or even 1 booking. I'm sure 2011 will bring you much prosperity.

  2. Ken, I'm a perfectionist! Hello? Asian? ;) Besides, the discouraged part comes from the writer in me - my inner critic is mighty. Looking forward to 2011!

  3. Following your dream... priceless!
    See how I turned that into a Mastercard ad?

  4. Nice! My crazy life is priceless, indeed. :)

  5. Don't feel discouraged Teresa!!! As long as you're following your dreams and doing your best, you can do it! And thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with us, it brings much inspiration to those who are getting ready to make the jump and chase after what they want!


  6. Thanks for the kind words, Julian! I'm not worried - the discouraged comes with the territory - I don't let it get me down. :) Have a great IAP!