Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Hump Day Update: Reverse Catch-Up Edition

So what have I been doing for months that's kept me from updating this blog? Let's go in reverse order --

  • I finally released HEARTBORN, my first collection of short stories! Buy it for just 99 cents at OR join my mailing list to hear dates for my FREE book download promo plus other news from my life & career:

    Special shout out to Haley Keim who designed the awesome book cover for HEARTBORN. I'm so grateful for her genius!

    HEARTBORN is filled with early writing for me. My words feel raw & unpolished while reaching deep for the truth of one's heart. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the year when I set this goal for myself, my objective in releasing my stories it is not to make money or bolster my self-image - it's to gather feedback that will help me become a better writer. So pick up a copy at, read it, and tell me what you think!

    Also, 100% percent of my profits from the sale of this first collection will be donated to Break the Cycle, a national nonprofit working to provide comprehensive dating abuse prevention programs exclusively to young people. So if you decide to purchase the ebook instead of waiting for my free promotional period, know that your 99 cents is helping to support a great cause!

  • I got into the CBS Writers Mentoring Program! A huge honor from the network that gave me my first big break when they bought a pitch from me & my executive producer in 2011. And sweet, sweet validation that saved me from the "I'm gonna quit" funk I was in all summer.

    The first part of the program is writing a new script with the guidance of my mentors. Over the summer, I spent weeks - WEEKS, I say! - working on a new pilot idea, only to toss it out completely after my first meeting with my CBS mentors. They were so right in their assessment that the current execution just doesn't work. Sigh - that one's going back into the oven for now...

    So instead I'm in the thick of rewriting the pilot I wrote last year. A page one rewrite. A monumental task, but worth it so far - I hate my pilot much, much less than I did before. Fingers crossed...

  • Did a play reading for a new Boni Alvarez masterpiece. Someone put one of Boni's plays on a mainstage, dangit! He's a genius!

  • Still volunteering for Break the Cycle. Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy relationship!

  • Went to my first Lakers game. They lost. :(

  • Discovered the Serial Podcast. Like everyone else, I AM OBSESSED!

  • Started a new day job doing marketing for an MIT friend's tech startup, which led me to finally join LinkedIn!

  • Shot new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds and my second guest star on Richie Rich, which just got bought by Netflix!

  • Helped out as Associate Producer of the East West Players' One Night Only fundraiser in August. Golden fundraising fun!

  • And finally, I wrapped up my involvement with WriteGirl, to which I say:

    Long story.
Color yourself caught up on my life! More blog posts to come...

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