Saturday, October 26, 2013

Accountability Check, Please!

Working stiffs often talk about striving to find a work / life balance. Now that I'm working part-time at WriteGirl, one of the non-profits with which I volunteer, I'm realizing I need to find a work / work / life balance.

That is, I need to find enough time in my week for my public relations duties for WriteGirl, my writing, while maintaining some semblance of a life.

In the past few weeks, it's the middle category that's been suffering. I need to get going on this new TV pilot script and I have an unfinished novel nagging at my door. And I'm really eager to spend more time on them. But the one thing I don't have more of is time.

So I'm turning to this blog for some accountability. Like I did during my previous Writer's Diet Experiments, I'm committing to one week of daily blogging, with the hopes that reporting my day to day actions will force me to find a balance.

Because if you don't see me writing enough, I give you permission to fill my inbox with finger-wagging messages. Here goes!

Friday began with an audition for a TV comedy. My waiting room spot was right next to the casting office's drop box, which was overflowing with actors' hopes and dreams --

I was thoroughly entertained by this excellent piece of art in the office --

The Periodic Table of the Muppets? Genius!

After my audition, I headed to the WriteGirl office for the rest of the day, intending to leave by 5pm. I left around 6:30pm. Ack.

Was greeted by this stunning sunset as I got on the freeway --

Made a quick stop at the 99 Cent Only store to pick up some posterboards for a WriteGirl-related art project --

More on that tomorrow...

Then, I made dinner and caught up on episodes of Revenge while doing some more WriteGirl stuff. Looking back, I should have written in the morning before going to my audition. Ah, hindsight.

See why I need help? Here's to more productivity tomorrow...

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