Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Wish List Revealed

My birthday is this month. Yes, I’m a Taurus. Stubborn as bulls, we are!

Another trait that may or may not be related to being a Taurus – I have troble asking for what I want. For nearly all my birthday parties in the past, I’ve asked guests to bring various donations for charity instead of bringing me a gift. But as a dear friend recently told me, this was often perceived as tacky and made people not want to be around me because there’s nothing festive about feeling guilty. Sigh…and I thought I was creating good karma for myself.

So this year, since I’m not buying anything as a rule, I figure I might as well try asking for what I want. Check out my Amazon.com Wish List for all the things I would love to receive for my birthday, if you feel moved to get me a gift.

While none of these are true necessities, they’re not terribly extravagant desires either. I’m blessed with an abundant life – there’s nothing I really need. These are just a few things I’d love to have.

And most of them don’t need to be brand new – I’d prefer hand-me-downs where applicable. Let’s keep the carbon footprints down, people!

But the best gift I could receive in honor of my birthday is for you to follow, share, and comment on my blog. I love writing it and it makes me happy when I feel like someone’s actually reading it. It’s the simple things in life, really.

Thanks and happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday Teresa. So happy you are reaping rewards from your hard work.

    -Nicole Hill

  2. Happy B'day my fellow Taurean! Hope your day is filled with love, laughter and lots of cake and kisses! xx