Thursday, July 22, 2010

Schprechen sie Tweetenshlize!

I joined Twitter late in the game. Only a year ago to be exact. Well past the days when Kogi BBQ was making a Korean taco truck the newest LA food craze and Ashton Kutcher was proving himself to be more Internet savvy than most tech CEOs. Like most people, I just couldn’t grasp the point of the whole thing. Microblogging? Really? What was next – microteaching? Microjobinterviewing?

But eventually I caved and signed up for an account. A few minutes ago, I sent my 409th tweet. 409 thoughts, pictures, questions, and opinions shared with the global Internet community. And it’s been wicked fun.

No, I’ve never tweeted about what I ate for lunch. I’ll be the first to give props to Conan O’Brien’s Twitter Tracker sketches for brilliantly ridiculing the mundane tweets of celebrities. Still, if a fan in North Dakota really enjoys hearing that Jessica Simpson had tacos for lunch, who am I to judge?

Because ultimately, as humans, we just want to be heard, acknowledged, and validated. And we’ll take it where we can get it. Being on Twitter and having over 100 followers might mean nothing to you, but it feels pretty damn good to me. Knowing that some of those people actually read what I have to say feels even better. And if just one of my kooky thoughts or random pictures brings a smile to someone’s face, then the circle is complete.

This weekend, I’ll be tweeting non-stop from the geeky halls of the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International. Check out my profile page at to see what I’m up to. Follow me. Or don’t follow me. But rest assured, I will be microblogging the day away.


  1. Teresa: I have always enjoyed your tweets, it gives me a view into a world that is completely different from mine (3 kids and in the academic ivory tower) and I find it really refreshing and interesting. So keep up the good work!!

  2. I like your frequent tweeting. I haven't many people to follow yet, but I can rely on you for some interesting tweets. I am surprised that Demi Moore tweets a lot. She is in 2nd place. Keep doing what you're doing and continue to write those great blogs.

  3. Thanks Tina and Paul! I enjoy the tweeting so much, especially when I'm someplace fun like Comic-Con.